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Sumiyoshi Kokan has recently installed the world's largest equipment of cold drawn pipe. We meticulously correspond to customer needs, and go further to new field on the basis of our long experience and achievement.



Sumiyoshi Kokan is the company having capability to build reliable partnership by smooth communication. We aim to create products adapting to a wide range request and to prompt correspond to customer's inquiry. Our service and products has received high customer's satisfaction from our past customers.


Our company improves and develops new market not only in Japan but also overseas market. We improve ourselves by preparing facilities, skills for providing multiple products, collecting great human resources and enhancing training. We, all the staff, keep trying to have global vision and local correspondence all the time.


We acquired ISO14001. We aim to be the company using resources efficiently and avoiding waste as we using limited resources. Waste water from the process of manufacturing is purified by strict treatment with taking time for reuse.
We built system for reducing impact and preventing environment.

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Product Application
World's Largest 400t Draw Bench

  Reinforcement of variations, small lots, short delivery date  

Most of Sumiyoshi Kokan's product are custom-made manufacture and processed materials of sizes and shapes adapting clients aims and application.
About service, we always consider customer's satisfaction by adapting variations, small lots, short delivery date, high quality and capability of producing wide-range size.
As the result, we offer our products to several field. In industry field, we provide quality products such as parts for automobiles and motorcycles, construction machinery, machinery for agricultural use, ships, electric appliances and furniture. Our products have been selected for use in the furnaces at the public waste disposal plants as well as in water purification plants which operate on remote islands and in areas of scarce water resources, both in Japan and overseas. Sumiyoshi Kokan devotes itself to the development of products and technology and contributes to environmental problem. Sumiyoshi Kokan's high technology made in Japan has attracted a great deal of international attention.



Safety first in the workplace.


Service to customers, contribute to the development of the industry


Sensitivity to current trends in sales


Specialty business promotion through our information correction capability, technical skills and planning capability



Sumiyoshi Kokan made Precision Cold Drawn Steel Tube of 10mm`381mm diameter.By the world's largest equipment, adaptation of wide-range size has archived.Please click the steel type below, and view the size of your choice.
(Consultation necessary when it's over 280mm.)

Cold Drawing Pipe


You can see product specification of each manufactured item. Click the manufactured items you would like to see.


Cylinder Tube

Cylinder tube for construction machinery and industry machinery


General Structure
Mecanical Structure
Car Structure
Mecanical Structure(Alloy)

Puressure Piping
High Pressure Piping
High Temperature Piping

Thermal Conduction


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We do not have any new graduate and mid-career position open


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